30 Days to Mountain Ready

Prep for Next Season Starts Now

Don’t let the mountain take away your chances of a hunt of a lifetime

100% Free 30 Day Training Program

Improve your endurance and strength so you can take that shot when it really counts

Nutrition Guide

Nutrition is just as important as working out. Follow the simple meal guide, which includes wild game, to get ready for your hunt

Easy to Follow Program for All Ability Levels

Whether you’ve never worked out or have been working out for a long time, you’ll get results out of this program.

Program can be done in a gym or your home

Comprehensive Program

Everything you need to be successful in the field next season:

Strength Training


Meal and Food Guide

Supplement Recommendations

Recovery Recommendations


Can I do this program in my home gym?

Yes! This program uses kettlebells, dumbbells, and bands so it’s perfect for a home gym.

Will you tell me exactly what to eat?

Sort of, there is a meal and food guide in the program. It’s not a plan

This is free, what’s the catch?

Other than entering your email, there is no catch. This program is a way for us to help support the hunting community

What if I don’t know what an exercise is?

There are descriptions of each exercise in the program. In addition to that, they’re all over YouTube or you can email me at: chris@Protect-and-Provide.com

I hunt in a treestand, do I really need to workout?

Working out will help you enjoy your hunt more, keep you hunting for a long time, and help you avoid injuries. Do you have to workout for a treestand east coast hunt, no. But it’ll make things easier and more fun

Is this program only for hunters?

This program can be used for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, so hunters, backpackers, hikers, and anyone else can use this program

I’m worried about getting hurt

A valid concern. There is very low risk of injury if you follow this program and do the exercises correctly. If certain exercises bother you, you can easily swap them out for another exercise, or ask me via email: chris@Protect-and-Provide.com

I Want Something More Hardcore!

Awesome! You can sign up for custom programs and coaching here or wait until I release future programs!

Download Your Free Program Now!


Rachel S.

I have the great pleasure of working with Chris, who is dynamite.
Chris is very knowledgeable and listens to his clients goals in order to help them reach their best potential. Personal training is an investment, both physically and financially, but who better to invest in than yourself. Chris knows not only about exercising and tailoring a workout to your needs, but he is also encouraging and helps with the nutrition aspect of everyday living. is a Chris always motivates and pushes me…knowing that I have more in the tank even when I don’t think so. He is genuinely concerned about my well-being and is on this journey with me to help me achieve my goals. I am so thankful to have found Chris in my get fit journey!

Renee N.

Chris has been my trainer for over six years. He pushes me out of my comfort zone to achieve results I would have never imagined of achieving in my wildest dreams. Chris believes in me and is always there to challenge me. When I had limitations he easily adapted the workout as we went through the routine. He has a wealth of knowledge in nutrition and cooking that he openly shares with others. I would not be where I am today mentally and/or physically without Chris. He has taught me so much. I love working out and eating better because of Chris. It has become my normal routine. I cannot thank him enough for sharing his ability to transform others to be a better person with increased energy for life.

Kevin M.

As a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor, I suffered from balance, fatigue, cognitive & physical deficits. I could not control my weight gain. I began working with Chris in 2015. During my time with Chris I regained self-worth, self-confidence, better balance, less fatigue, etc. all while losing a lot of weight and gaining strength. Chris was able to help me lose 80lbs in a year, train me for powerlifting, as well as strongman competition training. In 2019, I was able to win my first individual event and finish in the top half of the standings. Chris is a great resource and asset to anyone seeking wellness due to his knowledge of nutrition and strength building.

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