Hi, I’m Chris, the Owner of Protect & Provide

I started Protect & Provide as a resource for hunters, shooters, and outdoorsmen and women to continue to enjoy the outdoors by becoming fit and healthy.

With millions of websites and books on exercise and nutrition, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and frustrated by all the information out there.

There is also very limited information out there for training programs for hunters, shooters, and lovers of the outdoors.

As a strength coach and personal trainer for nearly a decade, I’ve helped hundreds of people from high level athletes to the average person trying to lose weight and have more energy for their kids.

Here at Protect & Provide, we want to cut through the B.S. of the health and fitness industry and get you real results, not some fad diet or juice cleanse that leaves you frustrated after you put the weight back on after the diet.

I want to help you keep scaling mountains, tackling trails, chasing elk, and let you teach the next generation about conservation.

If you want to avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed, frustration, and disappointment, and instead feel accomplished, full of energy, and be able to continue to enjoy the things you love to do, click below to set up a free phone call.

Why the name Protect & Provide?

It took me a while to come up with a name. The easiest thing would be something like “Chris Heskett Fitness” or “Heskett Strength Training” but that didn’t really send out the message I wanted.

Protect & Provide are two values I hold near and dear to my heart.

To be a Protector 

And to be a Provider 

What do those things mean and what do they have to do with fitness and hunting? 


Being a protector, at face value, means just that. To be capable of being able to protect the ones you love. Whether it’s through martial arts or with firearms, being physically fit and healthy makes you a more capable person in this role. 

But that’s not all of it. I also want to protect our public lands, wildlife, and second amendment rights. As an individual, a person can’t do much, but as a community we are able to come together and protect these things. 


As a hunter, we provide for our family, friends, and community by getting our own food. We can feed our families, give to friends, or donate to the community or local food banks to help those less fortunate. As a man, I want to provide for my family. 

But being a provider also means going above and beyond for our communities. That might mean coaching kids sports, volunteering at soup kitchens, or anything else. How this ties in with fitness is that being physically fit and healthy gives you more energy, meaning you’re able to do more in your community. 

The reason I put out 30-Days to Mountain Ready for free is to provide to the hunting and outdoor communities a free well thought out program. 

The long term goal for Protect & Provide is to provide a place where we can teach outdoor, hunting, and shooting skills to new and experienced hunters. 

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