6 Healthy Salty Snacks to Curb Your Salt Craving

What do you eat when you’re craving something salty and crunchy?Most likely, you’re going to run to the bag of chips or pretzels instead of something healthy.
Unfortunately, unlike sweet cravings, there seem to be less healthy options for people who really crave salt, so finding good swaps for the bag of chips can be tough.

Venison Shanks with Stinging Nettle Risotto

My family loves shanks and risotto. Growing up, our Christmas Eve family tradition, and still our tradition, is to make osso bucco over risotto. My wife is Italian and grew up eating risotto all the time, and her family still makes it at least once a week. 

You’re Not as Healthy as You Think! Take These 3 Supplements to Fix That

Back in the day, I used to go into the local supplement store in my hometown like a kid in a candy store. All the different colored bottles promising to put on 10lbs of muscle in 30 days, lose 10lbs of body fat in two weeks, or increase your strength by 30%. I took basicallyContinue reading “You’re Not as Healthy as You Think! Take These 3 Supplements to Fix That”

Meal Prep Turkey Sausage Recipe

Whether you’re hunting wild turkey or just buying some from the grocery store, this recipe is one of my wife’s favorites for meal prepping breakfast. 3 lbs of ground turkey make plenty of sausage patties for fat-burning high-protein breakfasts during the week. As a bonus, it’s super simple to make. For best results, either cookContinue reading “Meal Prep Turkey Sausage Recipe”

3 Reasons Your Last Diet Didn’t Work

Studies show that 9/10 people will fail on their diet. While weight loss does happen on the diet, everyone knows that you end up losing 10lbs but you gain back 11lbs. We don’t like using diets for most people at Protect & Provide, why? Diets don’t change your habits If you want to lose weight,Continue reading “3 Reasons Your Last Diet Didn’t Work”

Weight Loss Hack: The 100% Rule

Having trouble sticking to a habit?  You’re not alone, most people have trouble sticking to a new habit no matter if it’s diet, exercise, education, or anything else you can think of. Habit’s take mental energy and they’re usually something you don’t really want to do.  So, let’s fix that problem and make habits easierContinue reading “Weight Loss Hack: The 100% Rule”